Construction; costs of alteration and new buildings, by phase 1995-2016

Construction; costs of alteration and new buildings, by phase 1995-2016

Building phases Aspects Periods Total building costs (mln euro) Building costs, alteration (mln euro)
Orders received by contractors Schools 2016 422 .
Building projects started Schools 2016 453 .
Building projects not yet started Schools 2016 81 .
Building projects under construction Schools 2016 607 .
Production of building projects Schools 2016 403 .
Remaining production of buildings Schools 2016 343 .
Building projects completed Schools 2016 490 .
Source: CBS.
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Table description

This table shows the value (expressed in building costs) of the construction of building projects expected shortly. It also shows the value of the actually realised monthly production of building projects. The figures relate to building projects with building costs of 50 thousand euro or more. The total building costs are broken down into alteration and new buildings and in building costs by building phase by type of client, type of building and province. The costs of new buildings are broken down by category of purpose.

Data available from: January 1995 - December 2016.

Status of the figures:
All data are definite.

Changes as of 10 mei 2017:
None, the table has been discontinued.

When will new figures be published?
This table has been discontinued and will be succeeded by three new tables:
- Construction; building costs, building phase, type of building
- Construction; costs of buildings, building phase, type of client
- Construction; category of purpose of new buildings, building phase, region
For links to the tables, see paragraph 3.

Description topics

Total building costs
Sum of the building costs for alteration and new building of dwellings
and commercial and industrial building projects.
Building costs, alteration
Sum of the building costs for rebuilding, enlargement, restoration,
renovation and modification of buildings.