The State; government sector, ESA accounts, 1996 - 2010

The State; government sector, ESA accounts, 1996 - 2010

Periods Financial account Changes in liabilities (net) Bonds (absoluut)
2010* 29,823
Source: CBS.
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As part of the statistics on government finances, Statistics Netherlands
(CBS) collects data on the size, composition and allocation of the
expenditures and revenues and the balance sheet position of the State.

The State includes ministries, budget funds and agencies. Ministries are
mainly active in policy-making for the State. Budget funds comprise
long-term income budgets for special policy areas. Agencies are
responsible for executive tasks.

This table contains a selection from the results of the analysis of the
State finances on a yearly basis: the expenditures and revenues and the
changes in assets and liabilities of the government sector of the State.
The data in the table can be broken down into:
- types of account according to the European System of Accounts 1995;
- transactions according to the European System of Accounts 1995.

Data available from: 1996
Frequency: discontinued.

Status of the figures:
Figures up to and including 2009 are definite.
Figures for 2010 are provisional.

Changes as of 24 August 2011:
More recent data have been added and/or adjustments have been implemented.

When will new figures be published?
Not applicable.

Description topics

Financial account
The European System of Accounts 1995 describes the economy as a series of
coherent economic partial processes. These partial processes include:
production, generating of income, distribution of income, income
expenditures, reallocation by capital transfers, generating of capital and
financing. Each partial process is described by a separate account. The
financial account includes the changes in the various types of financial
claims and debts.
Changes in liabilities (net)
(Repayment of) long-term securities (excluding shares). Long-term
securities are claims to bearer without right of ownership and with a
duration of more than one year.