Construction industry; productive hours in (non-)residential buildings

This table shows quarterly data of the number of productive hours per employee in residential and non-residential building. The number of productive hours is calculated by reducing the number of theoretically available hours with the number of non-productive hours due to holidays, sickness absence, strikes, frost and precipitation delays, etc. All figures are rounded off to the nearest 5 hours.

Data available from: 1st quarter of 1990.

Status of the figures:
Data of the four most recent quarters are provisional, the remainder are definite.

Changes as of May 8, 2020:
Figures of the first quarter 2020 have been added and figures from four quarters preceding may have been adjusted.

When will new figures be published?
Statistics Netherlands usually publishes the first results six to eight weeks after the reporting period. After the definitive figures are published Statistics Netherlands only adapts the results if large adjustments or corrections are necessary.

Construction industry; productive hours in (non-)residential buildings

Periods Theoretically available hours (hour) Non-productive hoursTotal non-productive hours (hour) Non-productive hoursFrost and precipitation delays (hour) Non-productive hoursOther (hour) Productive hours (hour)
2019 1st quarter 510 140 30 110 375
2019 2nd quarter* 520 105 5 100 415
2019 3rd quarter* 530 205 10 195 320
2019 4th quarter * 530 155 20 135 370
2019* 2,090 615 70 545 1,475
2020 1st quarter * 520 120 20 100 405
Source: CBS.
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