Registered unemployment; January 1952 - April 2010/June 2010

Registered unemployment; January 1952 - April 2010/June 2010

Periods Total registered unemployed (x 1 000) Change compared to the previous year (x 1 000)
2010 April - 2010 June 241 52
Source: CBS
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Dataset is not available.

This table contains information on the history of the registered
unemployment. The figures are not adjusted for seasonal effects.
Until 1988 the time series contains monthly figures; from 1989
and onwards three-monthly averages are made under the middle month.

Data available from: January 1952

Status of the figures:
Figures based on the LFS are always final.

Changes as of December 1st:
July 2010 Statistics Netherlands has implemented a new method for
creating unemployment data. For the first time Statistics Netherlands
is able to publish monthly figures about unemployment. In order to
fit quarterly and yearly figures based on the LFS to these new
unemployment data, the weighing method of the LFS has been
improved. Because of this all quarterly and yearly figures have
been revised from 2001. The years before 2001 are not revised,
for these years the same figures are used that were already published.
For the tables on the registered unemployment this new method means
that it is no longer possible to publish monthly figures based on
three-month-averages as was done before. Tables, such as this table,
that still contain three-month-averages on the registered unemployment
are stopped and continued in new tables in which from publicationyear
2001 and onwards quarterly figures will be published.

When will new figures be published?
This table is stopped.

Description topics

Total registered unemployed
Registered unemployed people include people registered with UWV
Werkbedrijf (formerly CWI or employment agency) aged 16-64 years who:
- do not have a paid job, or have a paid job of less than twelve
hours a week, and
- are available to start a job of at least twelve hours a week,
or have accepted a job of at least twelve hours a week.
Change compared to the previous year
Change in the number of registered unemployed compared to the same period
in the previous year.