National accounts 2009; Macroeconomic data

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This publication is a summary of the national accounts. It contains
macroeconomic data and concise information about the production process,
the sector accounts and the labour market. More details about these
subjects can be found in the tables mentioned under the third heading in
this explanation: "links to relevant tables and articles".
The subjects of the publication give a specification of the most important
mocroeconomic totals. These macroeconomic transactions can also be found in

the chapter Macroeconomics in the printed publication National accounts of
the Netherlands.Well-known macroeconomic data are: Gross Domestic Product
(GDP), volume change of GDP (economic growth) and national income.

The subjects in the publication are structured as follows:
- macroeconomic balancing
- structure macroeconomic balancing
- macroeconomic classifications

The data can be selected as follows:
- Current prices, mln euro
- Volume changes, %
- Volume-indices, 2000 = 100
- Constant prices, at prices of 2000, mln euro
- Deflators: % changes
- Deflators: indices 2000 = 100
- Labour input, 1 000 full-time equivalent jobs
- Labour productivity, 1 000 euro

In 2005 the national accounts have been revised for the reporting year 2001
in accordance with the conceptual changes in the international guidelines
of the European Union (ESA 1995). This revision also incorporated new
statistical insights and new sources.

This table has been discontinued. Data are available from:
1969 up and until 2009

Reason discontinuation:
The national accounts have adapted the new classification of economic
activities, NACE Rev. 2. Furthermore, tables have been restructured to
improve their clarity.

National accounts 2009; Macroeconomic data

Kind of figure Periods Macroeconomic balancingDomestic productGross, market prices Macroeconomic balancingNational incomeGross, market prices Macroeconomic balancingDisposable national incomeGross, market prices Macroeconomic balancingNational savingNational saving (gross) Macroeconomic balancingNational savingNational saving (net) Macroeconomic balancingSurplus of the nation on curr. trans.Surplus of the nation on curr. trans.
Current prices, mln euro 1969 51,790.0 52,967.0 52,951.0 15,513 9,746 1,298
Current prices, mln euro 2006 540,216.0 554,741.0 546,721.0 156,837 78,243 48,744
Current prices, mln euro 2007 571,773.0 581,275.0 572,518.0 164,894 82,822 48,087
Current prices, mln euro 2008 596,226.0 584,899.0 575,917.0 153,143 67,289 28,595
Current prices, mln euro 2009* 571,979.0 556,518.0 549,805.0 124,796 36,939 19,420
Source: CBS
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