Index figures traffic density

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Index figures traffic density by most important road categories and
by type of day (weekday/working day) and region
1994 - 2005; January 1998 - December 2005
Changed on January 05 2012.
Frequency: Discontinued.

Description topics

Index figures by type of road
Index figures concerning traffic density by type of road: national roads
(including motorways), provincial roads, main road system and
screenlines within the Randstad agglomeration.
National roads
National roads are operated and maintained by the Department of Public
Total national roads
Provincial roads
Provincial roads are operated and maintained by provincial authorities.
Main road system
Main road system:
Dutch main roads (mostly national roads) can be classified into three
1. Roads to the hinterland: chiefly roads connecting the Rotterdam
and Amsterdam ports and Schiphol airport to the hinterland (incl.
Belgium and Germany).
2. Main transport routes: less important (national) roads for traffic
travelling through the Netherlands.
3. Main roads: all other roads included in the main road system.
Index figures concerning working day are not (yet) available.
Total main roads
Main transport routes
Roads to hinterland
Randstad screenlines
Randstad screenlines:
Fixed points on national and provincial roads intersecting an imaginary
line surrounding the Randstad agglomeration. The starting point is the
coastal town of IJmuiden. The line runs north of Amsterdam, east of
Utrecht (Amsterdam-Rijn-kanaal) and back to Rotterdam and Hoek van
Holland. Index figures concerning working days are not (yet) available.
Total Randstad screenlines
On national roads
On provincial roads