Aviation; monthly figures of Dutch airports

Aviation; monthly figures of Dutch airports

Airports Periods
Total Dutch airports 2020 December*
Total Dutch airports 2021 January*
Total Dutch airports 2021 February*
Total Dutch airports 2021 March*
Total Dutch airports 2021 April*
Total Dutch airports 2021 May*
Total Dutch airports 2021 June*
Total Dutch airports 2021 July*
Total Dutch airports 2021 August*
Total Dutch airports 2021 September*
Total Dutch airports 2021 October*
Total Dutch airports 2021 November*
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 2020 December*
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 2021 January*
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 2021 February*
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 2021 March*
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 2021 April*
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 2021 May*
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 2021 June*
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 2021 July*
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 2021 August*
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 2021 September*
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 2021 October*
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 2021 November*
Rotterdam The Hague Airport 2020 December*
Rotterdam The Hague Airport 2021 January*
Rotterdam The Hague Airport 2021 February*
Rotterdam The Hague Airport 2021 March*
Rotterdam The Hague Airport 2021 April*
Rotterdam The Hague Airport 2021 May*
Rotterdam The Hague Airport 2021 June*
Rotterdam The Hague Airport 2021 July*
Rotterdam The Hague Airport 2021 August*
Rotterdam The Hague Airport 2021 September*
Rotterdam The Hague Airport 2021 October*
Rotterdam The Hague Airport 2021 November*
Eindhoven Airport 2020 December*
Eindhoven Airport 2021 January*
Eindhoven Airport 2021 February*
Eindhoven Airport 2021 March*
Eindhoven Airport 2021 April*
Eindhoven Airport 2021 May*
Eindhoven Airport 2021 June*
Eindhoven Airport 2021 July*
Eindhoven Airport 2021 August*
Eindhoven Airport 2021 September*
Eindhoven Airport 2021 October*
Eindhoven Airport 2021 November*
Maastricht Aachen Airport 2020 December*
Maastricht Aachen Airport 2021 January*
Maastricht Aachen Airport 2021 February*
Maastricht Aachen Airport 2021 March*
Maastricht Aachen Airport 2021 April*
Maastricht Aachen Airport 2021 May*
Maastricht Aachen Airport 2021 June*
Maastricht Aachen Airport 2021 July*
Maastricht Aachen Airport 2021 August*
Maastricht Aachen Airport 2021 September*
Maastricht Aachen Airport 2021 October*
Maastricht Aachen Airport 2021 November*
Groningen Airport Eelde 2020 December*
Groningen Airport Eelde 2021 January*
Groningen Airport Eelde 2021 February*
Groningen Airport Eelde 2021 March*
Groningen Airport Eelde 2021 April*
Groningen Airport Eelde 2021 May*
Groningen Airport Eelde 2021 June*
Groningen Airport Eelde 2021 July*
Groningen Airport Eelde 2021 August*
Groningen Airport Eelde 2021 September*
Groningen Airport Eelde 2021 October*
Groningen Airport Eelde 2021 November*
Source: CBS.
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Data on flight movements, passengers, cargo and mail at Dutch airports.

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The composition of the European Union (EU-15) until 2004: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.
In 2005 the European Union (EU-25) expanded with: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.
In 2007 Bulgaria and Romania have been added (EU-27).
In 2014 Croatia was added (EU-28).
As of February 2020 the United Kingdom has left the European Union.

Data available from:
Annual figures available from 1997; monthly figures available from January 1999.

Status of the figures:
The figures are final up to and including 2019, the figures from January 2020 and for the current year are provisional.

As of 21 August 2020 the figures for Maastricht Aachen Airport have been adjusted for the reporting period 2018 and 2019 as a result of later information. Also the total figures of 2018 and 2019 have been adjusted accordingly.

Up to and including December 2020 the figures of EU countries include data for the UK. This to guarantee the comparability of the data. As of January 2021 data for the UK are included in the figures of "other Europe".

Changes as of 24 December 2021:
The figures for November 2021 have been added.

When will figures become available?
New monthly figures are typically 1 month after the reporting period (calendar month) published.

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