CBS Urban Data Centre / Heerlen

© Hollandse Hoogte

As of November 2016, CBS and the city of Heerlen are working together in CBS Urban Data Centre / Heerlen. Within this partnership, CBS’ knowledge on topics such as data infrastructure, data processing and privacy is combined with the city’s aim to gain more insight into local issues and developments.

In February 2019 the CBS Urban Data Centre / Heerlen entered a new phase.

The Dutch government has launched the nationwide action programme 'Kansrijke start' (A Promising Start) with the aim of improving prospects for the youngest age group in the municipality of Heerlen. The first results are expected mid-2019. In this programme, the government, social workers, medical partners, health insurers and knowledge institutions all work together with the aim of creating a safe climate and upbringing for every child in Heerlen. To this end, the municipality of Heerlen and all parties involved have included a monitor in the action programme. The information from the monitor is intended for the neighbourhood teams to adopt a more targeted approach in neighbourhoods where the most vulnerable target group is located.

The CBS Urban Data Centre / Heerlen is located on the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen.


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