CBS-World Café Trade relations with Russia and Ukraine before and after Russia's invasion

Empty shelves in shop where sunflower oil stood.
© ANP / Ramon van Flymen

The theme of CBS World Café IV is “Trade relations with Russia and Ukraine before and after Russia’s invasion”. The war in Ukraine and the economic sanctions introduced against Russia will have a significant effect on the global economy. What are the economic implications of the war in Ukraine for the world, and for the European Union in particular, in terms of trade? And with respect to the Netherlands, what were the most important trade goods with Russia and Ukraine just before the war and how many Dutch firms did business with Russia?

This fourth edition of the CBS World Café will be a webinar held in English and consists of two presentations:

  • Olga Pindyuk, Economist at The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw) and country expert for Ukraine and the Commonwealth for Independent States (CIS), will present on ”The economic implications of the war in Ukraine: the trade channel”. Her presentation will focus on the trade channel of the economic impact.
  • Pascal Ramaekers, Researcher at Statistics Netherlands, will provide some key findings on the trade data and value chain data at Statistics Netherlands. Some recent economic developments will be discussed and the structure of the Dutch trade in goods with Ukraine and Russia in 2021 will be presented.

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