Social impact of COVID-19

How is crime developing?

In March 2020, the police registered almost 7 thousand fewer crimes than in March 2019. The number of registered domestic burglaries was down by nearly 750 year-on-year. This is a decline of 25 percent. The number of pickpocketing incidents reported in March fell by 41 percent relative to last year, to around 700.

Which employees continuously work in close proximity to other people?

In 2018, specialised nurses, hairdressers and beauticians had the highest exposure to other people. More than 90 percent of workers in these occupations were often or continuously in proximity to other people while at work.

How many employees are in precarious employment?

In 2019, 72.3 percent of flexible employees in the Netherlands had a less secure employment contract, i.e. 1,391 thousand flexible workers. These are employees with short-term temporary contracts, temping contracts, on-call contracts or variable hours, who run a higher risk of losing their job and income than other temporary workers if the company where they work faces difficult times.

How many residents of Belgium and Germany own a holiday home in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has a total of 13.7 thousand holiday homes with an owner who was a resident of Belgium (2.95 thousand) or Germany (10.75 thousand) on 1 October 2019. The most popular Dutch municipality among owners living in Belgium is Sluis with 1,120 holiday homes. The highest number of German-owned holiday homes is found in another municipality in Zeeland: Schouwen Duiveland (1,640 holiday homes), followed by Schagen (1,320) and Sluis (1,000).

How many people in the Netherlands suffer from loneliness?

In 2019, nine percent of the Dutch population aged 15 and over experienced a strong sense of social and/or emotional isolation; 26 percent of the population sometimes experienced loneliness. Severe loneliness is most common among single parents and single individuals.
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How many people aged 65 and over live in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has more than 3 million over-65s living in private households and more than 100 thousand in institutional households, for example in nursing or care homes. In total, approximately 20 percent of the Dutch population are over the age of 65.

How many secondary school students are currently in their final year?

There are altogether 40.5 thousand students in their final year of pre-university education (VWO), 56.5 thousand students in their final year of senior general secondary education (HAVO) and almost 102 thousand students in their final year of preparatory secondary vocational education (VMBO).

How many primary school pupils are currently in their final year?

There are currently around 175 thousand pupils in group 8 of mainstream primary education.

How many Dutch people engage in regular physical activity?

In 2018, more than 60 percent of children between ages 4 and 12 and around half of the adult population indicated that they exercised on a weekly basis. One-quarter of the adults were members of a fitness centre, swimming pool or other sports provider, and almost 19 percent were members of a sports association.

How many Dutch people live without internet access at home?

In 2019, 3 percent of the Dutch population aged 12 years and over did not have internet access at home. This is equivalent to around 453 thousand people. Those aged 75 and over are most likely to lack home internet access. In 2019, this held true for 23 percent of the over-75s.
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How many people usually work from home?

In 2019, there were 3.5 million people in paid employment who (usually or incidentally) worked from home. They represent 39 percent of the active labour force. Of these (incidental) home-based workers, approximately 1.3 million usually worked from home, while 2.4 million did so incidentally.

Which business sectors tend to have many home-based workers?

There are five sectors with a share of (incidental) home-based workers that exceeds 60 percent: information and communication, education, financial services, specialised business services, and energy.

How many jobs are found in culture, sports and recreation?

CBS has no insight yet into the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on employment. However, it can provide employment data broken down by sector prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. A distinction can be made here between employment and self-employment.
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