Social impact of COVID-19

How is the population developing?

The population growth of the Netherlands is mapped on a monthly basis. It comprises the number of births minus the number of deaths and the difference between the number of people immigrating to the Netherlands and those emigrating from the Netherlands.
Population dashboard

Is there a cornovirus baby boom?

In the years after the Second World War, a baby boom took place and relatively many children were born. At the peak - in 1946 - 248 thousand children were born, approximately 100 thousand more than in the years before the war. The number of live births over the period January-September 2021 inclusive rose by 6.8 thousand on the same period in 2020. This is not yet considered a baby boom, but it is a substantial increase, which probably includes a small COVID-19 effect.
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How is the crime rate developing?

During the coronavirus crisis, registered crime declined during periods of lockdown. More figures on registered crime can be found at (Dutch only).

How many people in the Netherlands suffer from loneliness?

In 2019 (before the coronavirus crisis), nine percent of the Dutch population aged 15 and over experienced a strong sense of social and/or emotional isolation; 26 percent of the population sometimes experienced loneliness. Severe loneliness is most common among single parents and single individuals.
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