Economic impact of COVID-19

How is the Dutch economy developing?

In Q2 2020, the Dutch economy contracted by 8.4 percent compared to the previous quarter. Such a contraction had not been measured by CBS before. In the subsequent quarters, gross domestic product (GDP) rebounded. The latest news releases on developments in the Dutch economy based on GDP can be found in the Economic growth series.
Economic growth

How is the number of bankruptcies developing?

During the coronavirus crisis, CBS weekly monitors the development of the number of bankruptcies pronounced by courts. In the first half of 2020, the number of bankruptcies was comparable to that of 2019. Subsequently, the numbers in 2020 and 2021 were below the level of 2019 almost every week. The latest news releases on bankruptcies can be found in the Bankruptcies series. The most recent weekly figures can be found on StatLine.

How is the coronavirus crisis affecting payment behaviour?

Collaboration with the Betaalvereniging Nederland enables CBS to provide data on the development of a number of important payment flows for the Netherlands as a whole. This shows that during the coronavirus crisis there has been a further shift from offline to online payments. During periods when shops and restaurants were closed, the number of PIN withdrawals and payments decreased, while the number of online payments with iDEAL continued to rise.

How many overnight accommodations were closed during the first wave in April 2020?

Due to the COVID-19 measures, approximately one-third of available beds in overnight accommodations were closed in April. The policy with regard to the closure of overnight accommodations was determined per safety region.