COVID-19 impact on public mobility

What is the decline in passenger traffic to and from Schiphol Airport?

The total number of travellers flying into and out of Schiphol Airport in March 2020 represented a year-on-year decline of 56 percent. This decline was still only 2.4 percent in February 2020. A much sharper drop (83 percent) is seen in the number of travellers between 16 and 31 March, compared to the first half of March (26 percent).
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How much has the use of public transport declined?

In the latter half of March 2020 the daily number of public transport check-ins dropped by almost 90 percent, relative to a similar day in 2019. On 31 March 2020 there were 530 thousand check-ins, against 4.75 million on an average Tuesday in 2019. Due to the coronavirus crisis, the use of public transport has been restricted to necessary travel only, e.g. by key workers.