Research series Consumer price index electricity and gas

The tables presented in this file are a supplement to the article “CBS switches to new method for calculating energy prices in the CPI”, published on 30 June 2023. The article presents the results of the research carried out by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) in order to develop new energy prices for the Consumer price index (CPI).
The new method is implemented as of reporting month June 2023. The article presents the so called research series with reporting months January 2020 – May 2023 of the CPI, for both the index and inflation (% year-on-year change). These figures are available in table 1. Tables 2 and 3 present the index and year-on-year change in percentages for the research series of electricity and gas separately. In addition to the regular series, the derived series are presented. They present the price index without the effect of changes in consumption related taxes and subsidies. For all tables present in this file, the published figures are presented next to the research series.