Eurostat Morbidity Statistics, Pilot Data Collection

Cover Eurostat Morbidity Statistics Pilot Data Collection the Netherlands
This publication describes the Dutch pilot data collection for Eurostat Morbidity Statistics, with data on diseases and health problems in the Dutch population in 2016, based on diagnosis information registered in medical registers, with breakdowns by age and sex.

Eurostat aims at collecting internationally comparable information on the incidence and prevalence of diseases and health conditions, based on medical registrations. Previous studies have shown that in most Member States this will require a combination of registrations at the individual level, because registrations often only cover part of the health care provided (primary care, medical specialist care, mental healthcare, etc.).

Guidelines have been drawn up by Eurostat, which have been tested for the Dutch situation in this pilot study. For 27 diseases and conditions it was investigated which registrations can be used, how the different classification systems fit together, to what extent the sources overlap and complement each other, and what ultimately the prevalence and incidence figures are. This pilot study was made possible by a contribution from Eurostat (Eurostat Grant Agreement no.835804 - 2018-NL-MORBIDITY).