Adjustment of heating values and C02 petrol and diesel

CO2 emissions from mobile sources in the Netherlands are calculated based on the formula: Emission (kg) = Σtype of fuel sales (kg) * heating value (MJ/kg) * Emission factor (kg/MJ) The activity data (i.e. the fuel sales per fuel type) are for the most part derived from the Energy Balance, as reported by Statistics Netherlands (CBS). The emission factor is derived from the carbon content of the fuels.
Currently CBS applies fixed heating values valid for the entire time series of petrol and diesel fuel for the Dutch market: 44.0 MJ/kg for petrol and 42.7 MJ/kg for diesel fuel. These values were introduced before 1975.
Measurements by TNO in 2016 and RIVM in 2004 showed that these heating values, and also the carbon contents, have changed considerably during the past decades. This made it necessary to adjust the values used in the Dutch CO2 emission calculations.
The aim of this memo is to determine a consistent time series for 1990-2016 of heating values and CO2 emission factors for petrol and diesel fuel on the basis of these measurements.