Business Cycle Tracer

Statistics Netherlands’ Business Cycle Tracer is launched today at the Statistics Netherlands’ website. Statistics Netherlands has developed the Business Cycle Tracer as a tool to determine the state and the course of the Dutch economy. Just as a glance at the clock tells us the time of day, a glance at the Business Cycle Tracer tells us which stage of the business cycle the economy is in. The Tracer contains a selection of key indicators. The combined positions of these indicators show us which phase of the business cycle we are in.  

Business cycle

Alternating increases and decreases in economic activity combine to form the wave of the business cycle. Periods of high growth alternate with periods of slow growth or even decline. The Business Cycle Tracer shows at a glance which stage of the business the cycle the Dutch economy is in. In addition, an animation option shows how the cycle has developed from 1990 to today.

The stage in the business cycle is determined with the aid of fifteen key economic indicators, such as consumption, fixed capital formation, manufacturing production, orders, gross domestic product, unemployment, and consumer and producer confidence. The Business Cycle Tracer shows the position of all fifteen indicators.

Visit our website to try out the Business Cycle Tracer and see how it works. In order to start the Business Cycle Tracer please click on the link in the right-hand column.