Security and justice

The Statistics Overview 2023 provides an overview of what statistics (and with what frequency) will be compiled by CBS.

Security and justice
Asylum and residencemonthly, quarterly, annual
EU Asylum and migrationannual
Contribution to RIVM report on status holdersannual
Contribution to SCP report on status holdersannual
Contribution to WODC report on status holdersannual
Fire servicesquarterly, annual
Criminogenic factorsonce only
Data Alliance Criminal Justice Chaincontinuous
Divosa benchmark study on status holdersquarterly, annual
Gender-based Violenceonce only
Registered crimeannual
Domestic and sexual violence monitorannual, biennial
Youth assistance, youth protection and youth probationsemiannual
Characteristics of police personnelsemiannual
Youth crime monitorbiennial
Cybercrime monitorannual, biennial
Self-reported Juvenile Delinquency Monitorbiennial
Cohort study on asylum seekersannual
Police Open datamonthly
Crime and Law enforcement publicationannual
Legal assistanceannual
Debt reschedulingannual
Victim supportannual
Civic Integration Act statisticquarterly, annual
Social tensions indicatorweekly
Sentence enforcementannual
Safety Monitorbiennial
Suspects and victims monitormonthly
Prosecution, adjudication, debt consolidation and legal assistanceannual
Subversive crimesemiannual
Subversive crime at holiday parkssemiannual