The Statistics Overview 2023 provides an overview of what statistics (and with what frequency) will be compiled by CBS.

Perceptions Surveyannual
Populationweekly, monthly, annual statistics
Population aged 15-74 years, by education level, district and neighbourhoodannual
Population forecast Caribbean Netherlandsannual
Contribution to RIVM report on status holdersannual
Contribution to SCP report on status holdersannual
Contribution to WODC report on status holdersannual
Caribbean Netherlands: jobs and wagesmonthly, annual
Caribbean Netherlands: demographymonthly, annual
Health Surveyannual
Households in the NR Ageing societyannual
Annual Report on Integrationbiennial
Market research associationannual
Omnibus survey Caribbean Netherlandsfour-yearly
Cohort study on asylum seekerstbd
Population forecastsannual, triennial
SES-WOA scores, socioeconomic indicatorsannual
Civic Integration Act statisticquarterly, annual
Population and Housing censusdecennial