Health and welfare

The Statistics Overview 2023 provides an overview of what statistics (and with what frequency) will be compiled by CBS.

Health and welfare
Labour market Care and Well-being 2.0quarterly, annual
Basic Survey Data Infrastructurequarterly, annual
Business operating income and expensesannual
Policy information Young Peoplesemiannual
Policy information Safe at homesemiannual
Health theme: perceptionsfour-yearly
Occupations and employment in health careannual
Homeless monitorannual
Diagnosis Treatment Combinations, DBC - Mental Health Care, GGZannual
Diagnosis Treatment Combinations, DBC - Medical specialist Care, GGZannual
Causes of deathmonthly, quarterly, annual
Financial key figures health care institutionsannual
Municipality Monitor Social Domainsemiannual
Health Care Support and Wellnessupon request
Health Surveyannual, six-yearly
Health monitorfour-yearly
Hospital Standardised mortality Ratioannual
Health Surveyannual, six-yearly
Impact monitor Domestic violence and Child abusesemiannual
Informal carebiennial
Youth assistance, youth protection and youth probationsemiannual
Characteristics of defaultersannual
National Key Register on Hospital Careannual
National Youth Monitorcontinuous
Long-term careannual
Elderly living at home longertbd
Lifestyle monitorannual
Medically qualified peopleannual
Micro file Healthcare costs, healthcare use and healthcare incomeannual
Sustainable Agro-commodity monitortbd
Long-term care Monitorquarterly, annual
Sexual health monitor/Sexual activity under 25incidental
Nederland in Beeldquarterly, annual
Neighbourhood Perceptionsannual
Elderly people in institutionsannual
Perinatal and infant mortalityannual
Social domain indexannual
Social cohesion & well-beingannual
Care surveyupon request
Care institutionsannual
Healthcare costs, Healthcare Insurance Actannual
Care practicesannual
Healthcare practices and care providersannual
Care accountsannual