Publication policy

Statistics Netherlands (CBS)’ mission is to compile official statistics and to publish the results. CBS makes these results accessible to the public through various channels. An outline of CBS’ publication policy can be found here. On this subject, the Advisory Council has issued an advisory report.

The CBS publication calendar lists the publication dates and times of all upcoming CBS news releases. All statistics are also published as tables in the StatLine databank and released at or after midnight (00:00 hours).

Prior to publication of a news release, CBS reserves the right to grant preview access under embargo to relevant government departments, institutions and news organisations. The pre-release policy is described in a memorandum on this website.

For a number of specific releases, routine preview access under embargo is granted to various Dutch ministries, the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) and the Dutch central bank (DNB). This is generally for no more than 24 hours and applicable to the following releases and government departments:

Unemployment (monthly)

  • Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (Szw)
  • Ministry of General Affairs (AZ)

Economic growth 1st calculation (quarterly)

  • Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZ)
  • Ministry of Finance (FIN)
  • Ministry of General Affairs (AZ)
  • CPB
  • DNB

Government finances (quarterly)

  • Ministry of Finance (FIN)
  • Ministry of General Affairs (AZ)

International trade (monthly)

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BuZa)

In addition, non-routine preview access under embargo is granted to Dutch ministries upon request.