The consumer price index

© CBS / Alrik Swagerman

What is it?

Since 2010, CBS has increasingly used scanner data in calculating indices for the consumer price index (CPI). Scanner data are transaction data from payment systems. The innovation was worked on for quite some time before it was eventually incorporated into the regular statistical process. Initially, only scanner data from supermarkets were used. This has been expanded to include scanner data from various types of other retailers including DIY, chemist and clothing shops. In addition, the calculation method when using scanner data is being further developed.

What has been improved?

By using scanner data, significant time savings can be made in collecting and processing price information. Moreover, the quality of the CPI is improved because information on both prices and quantities sold is available at a very detailed level, allowing for accurate measurement of price developments.

Social relevance

In the past, prices were recorded manually in shops by CBS employees. With scanner data, this is no longer necessary, relieving shopkeepers of the burden. The CPI is one of the most important indicators of our economy, so it is important that it is calculated with the utmost accuracy.