Coskun - Statistical Researcher/Questionnaire Developer

Coskun (on a football field), Statistical Researcher / Questionnaire Developer, 20 surveys on a variety op topics and themes, 8,000 questions as part of survey research, 20,000 lines to formulate clear questions, 1.4 million punctuation marks to dot the i's and cross the t's    and a feared opponent in local amateur football. Are you ready to join us?

Am I a numbers guy? I think my friends would say so. I know everything there is to know about football: all the players, scores, club rankings – ask me anything. That makes sense to me, because I played football at a high level myself and I also love data.

It definitely wasn’t an obvious choice for me to work at CBS. I’d built a great career with a bank, but the commercial side didn’t appeal to me.

Someone suggested CBS, and I sent in an open application. That turned out well for both sides. I saw straight away that everything here has to be perfect. That suits me down to the ground.

I develop questionnaires for business surveys.

That really lets me give it my all. I must have drafted at least 8,000 questions. Every sentence, every word, every punctuation mark has to be right, and every question has to invite the respondent to answer it. The higher the response rate, the better I like it.

It was a good decision to switch careers. I can fully express my own feel for quality, and our work makes a real contribution to society. I still play football, by the way, as an enthusiastic amateur.