Timeline 125 years of population censuses

One of the most fascinating and longstanding CBS statistics is the population census of the Netherlands. The growth of the Dutch population has been as impressive as the evolution of CBS itself: whereas in 1899, we counted the 5 million people by hand with enumerators going from door to door taking notes, as of 2024 the decennial census is a completely digitised and fully automated process. Below is a timeline of Dutch censuses starting from 1899 right up to this year, when we will count the 18 millionth inhabitant. This timeline shows how counting was done over the years.
Population: 5.1 million

CBS founded on 9 January, first census with door-to-door enumerators

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Population: 5.8 million

Introduction of general mortality rate

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Population: 6.8 million

Start of mechanisation: introduction of the ‘classi-compteur’

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Population: 7.8 million

Punch card machines used to process census response

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Population: 9.5 million

Questionnaires anonymised for the first time

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Population: 11.4 million

Data processed with a ‘real’ computer , the IBM 101 Electronic

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Population: 13.1 million

Last traditional door-to-door census, public concern about privacy protection

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Population: 14.2 million

First virtual census based on the population register

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Population: 15.0 million

15 millionth inhabitant counted using population register and sample survey data

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Population: 16.0 million

16 millionth inhabitant counted in virtual census, no more need to approach people

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Population: 16.7 million

First census based almost entirely on official registers

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Population: 17.5 million

First delivery of data at grid level

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Population: 18.0 million

125th anniversary of CBS, the Netherlands’ leading source of reliable, independent statistics

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