Inflation explained


CBS’ chief economist Peter Hein van Mulligen explains in less than 5 minutes what exactly inflation is and how it is calculated by CBS.


00:00 - 01:46 What is inflation?
01:47 - 02:17 How does CBS calculate inflation exactly?
02:18 - 03:17 What do people buy?
03:18 - 03:51 Collecting prices
03:52 - 04:30 From CPI to inflation
04:31 - 04:47 Learn more?

About CBS
In this society with its ongoing information explosion, the free availability of reliable and integral data is crucial. CBS, the national statistical office, produces reliable statistical information and data to offer insight into social issues. In doing so, CBS supports the public debate, policy development and decision making, thus contributing to prosperity, well-being and democracy.

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