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4 results for keyword:ecosystem services
4 results for keyword:ecosystem services

SEEA Ecosystem account Dutch North Sea, 2023

Ecosystem account for the Dutch part of the North Sea following SEEA standards: ecosystem extent and condition; biodiversity; ecosystem services and their monetary value; environmental pressure


Forest Accounts for the Netherlands, 2020

Below are the reports that have been made in the context of the EU-Grant SMP-ESS-2021-EGD-IBA. This grant is intended as an incentive to set up forest accounts that will be decreed at European level...


Ecosystems and wellbeing – the impact of land use changes

To measure well-being in the Netherlands, the 'monitor of well-being and sustainable development goals’ identifies four types of capital: social, human, economic and natural capital.


Monetary valuation of ecosystem services for the Netherlands

This report shows the first experimental results for the Netherlands on monetary valuation of ecosystem services and ecosystem assets using the SEEA EEA framework (System of Environmental-Economic...