The Dutch agricultural sector in an international context, 2022

Placeholder The Dutch agricultural sector in an international context - edition 2022
This publication describes developments in the Netherlands’ agricultural goods trade with the rest of the world, including both imports and exports and providing initial estimates for 2021. It addresses such questions as: what are the top agricultural imports and exports in the Netherlands, and where is most of the growth? What are the key destinations and countries of origin in agricultural goods trade? What are the shares of domestic exports and re-exports, and where do underlying volume and price changes play a role? How much does the Netherlands earn in exports of domestically produced agricultural goods?
In addition, this publication zooms in on current topics. The following six themes are featured in the 2022 edition: the impact of Brexit; the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on trade; agricultural trade policies; destinations of agricultural imports; trade in organic products, and trade in the context of international well-being.
This is a joint annual publication by Wageningen Economic Research and Statistics Netherlands, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality (LNV). It appears every January on the occasion of International Green Week (IGW) in Berlin, a trade fair for food, agriculture and gardening. Coinciding with this week is the release of the initial agricultural data on the previous year by the Dutch Ministry LNV. The fair is not taking place this year on account of the coronavirus pandemic.