Research & Development, Innovation

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  1. NOT included in R&D:
  2. I have lost the login details
  3. How can I change my contact details, such as address, city or contact person?
  4. Can I request a deferral for submitting the data?
  5. What is the deadline for submitting the completed questionnaire?
  6. What does R&D mean?
  7. The questionnaire I received this year is different from last year’s questionnaire. Why has it changed?
  8. Our business does not perform innovations. Should I fill in the questionnaire?
  9. My business does not conduct R&D. Should I fill in the questionnaire?
  10. For what purpose does Statistic Netherlands request data from my company?
  11. Can I change the language of the questionnaire?
  12. Am I required to provide data?