Quarterly survey

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  1. I receive questionnaires from CBS, but my company's activities have ceased.
  2. Is it possible that the consolidated companies includes companies with other activities?
  3. Am I obliged to provide data?
  4. The questionnaire is not applicable to my company's activities. What should I do?
  5. Can I request a deferral for submitting the data?
  6. My company is a seasonal business. How should I submit my data?
  7. Can I have my accountant fill in the questionnaire?
  8. I cannot enter 0 in my input fields.
  9. Is my privacy protected?
  10. How can I submit changes in address, place name or contact person?
  11. I do not see any screen where I can enter the user name and password.
  12. I have completed and sent in the questionnaire. Why am I receiving a reminder letter?