How to submit data

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There are various ways of submitting data from your company or institution to CBS. You can either transmit data or have them retrieved by CBS. We would like to get in touch with your specialists to agree on the most appropriate method. In doing so, some factors we take into account include the privacy sensitivity of the data, the volume and frequency of data transfers and the technical possibilities of your company or institution. For more information, please send us an email at

Sending data to CBS electronically

Below, please find an overview of the various options we support.

Upload portal with HTTPS

CBS’ own upload portal allows you to transmit data to CBS over the internet in a secured manner using HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure). This requires your browser to be up to date. CBS will send you log-in codes for access to the upload portal. This technique is mainly used for submitting data manually.


SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol. This method is mainly used to ensure secure, fully automated delivery of data files via the internet. CBS has an SFTP server on which you can place your data. Security is provided by means of a user ID and password and/or security keys.

ebMS used as interface by governments

Digipoort uses the ebMS2 interface standard for asynchronous message-based communication between governmental organisations and Digipoort. The ebMS2 standard specifies a protocol for safe and reliable message traffic between two parties. Messages exchanged using ebMS2 are based on SOAP.

For more information on ebMS, go to: (Dutch only)

Digipoort (Logius)

CBS is also able to exchange data with parties that are connected to Diginetwerk. Exchanging data digitally with other governmental organisations and companies is easy and efficient via Digipoort, Digikoppeling, Diginetwerk, Digimelding and the Stelselcatalogus. Digipoort uses a closed network and can only be used if you, as a data supplier, are also connected to Digipoort.

For more information on Logius, go to: (Dutch only)

RINIS foundation

Data submission via RINIS (Routerings Instituut (Inter)Nationale Informatiestromen) is also possible.

For more information on RINIS, go to:

Data retrieval by CBS

Another option would be to have data retrieved by CBS.

Cloud data sources

If you use cloud services, CBS can retrieve data from your Cloud environment. Examples include Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3 and MS Azure.

Client-specific APIs

If you already offer APIs or have them available, CBS can also be connected to these. The APIs supported by CBS include SOAP, REST, etc.


If you have any questions, please send an email to


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