What changes in 2022?

From 2022 onwards, it is compulsory to use the declaration module IDEP+ to submit the statistical declaration on international trade in goods. You will receive the login codes by letter from Statistics Netherlands. The obligation to submit returns will be imposed on the fiscal unit for VAT/Sales Tax as of 2022. In IDEP+ you can see under the heading "Company structure" for which business units/operating companies you must submit a declaration for the relevant declaration period.
All companies with a duty to declare will have to fill in the following new fields when declaring intra-Community supplies (ICL) from 2022 onwards:

- Partner ID

- Country of origin

In addition, the new field 'Transaction' is mandatory for all flows (Intra trade and Extra trade). More information on the content of the statistical declaration can be found in the Manual Statistical Declaration ITG 2022.