What are the benefits of using Mijn CBS?

To use all the possibilities offered by Mijn CBS, you must log in with eHerkenning. You will then see an overview of all your current CBS surveys. You can select the surveys you want displayed. For example, you can choose to display only the surveys for one particular department in your company. Or you can select only those surveys for which you still need to submit data.

You can also settle a number of matters using web forms within Mijn CBS. For example, change the contact person or the correspondence address, and get in touch with CBS if you have an enquiry. Since you logged in, you do not need to fill in your reference number. We will do that for you.

In addition, Mijn CBS offers a dashboard with the latest enterprise statistics.

If you log in with login details from the letter or email, you will not see an overview of your surveys, but only the survey for which you are logged in. This means you can only use the web forms to change, for instance, contact and address details for that particular survey. In addition, you have access to the Statistical information dashboard.