What is an administrative fine?

An administrative fine is a punitive sanction. It may be imposed by the Director General of Statistics in the event of failure to provide CBS with the requested data, or failure to do so in time or in full. This sanction concerns an unconditional obligation to pay a sum of money. The amount of the sum of money is determined on the basis of the CBS Enforcement fee table (Dutch only).

If an order subject to a penalty has already been imposed, an administrative fine will be imposed. A letter of intention regarding the administrative fine will be sent before the fine itself is imposed. This letter notifies you of the intention to impose an administrative fine. You will have an opportunity to respond to this letter of intent by stating your point of view regarding the matter. Simply providing the requested data after the letter of intent has been sent will not prevent the penalty from being imposed. In your point of view, you can state the reason why the request to supply data to CBS has been ignored. Your point of view will be assessed on the basis of court decisions and policy rules already adopted. If CBS decides that the reason given is inadequate, it may eventually decide to impose the administrative fine.