New-build dwellings: input price indices building costs 2015=100

Every month, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) calculates the series New-build dwellings; input price indices building costs, to show changes in the costs (wages, materials) related to the construction of new dwellings in the Netherlands. From January 2018 onwards, this series is being published with 2015 as the new reference year. Two documents provide a description of the input price indices of the building costs of dwellings 2015=100.

The method description outlines the calculation method of the series New-build dwellings; input price indices building costs. The description comprises the weighting scheme, the formulas and the way in which this index is calculated.
The base shift document for Input price indices from 2010=100 to 2015=100 describes the changes made as a result of the base shift and comprises the weighting scheme. Due to changes in the weighting scheme, as a result of price developments and tighter legislation, discrepancies arise in the development of the old (2010=100) and new (2015=100) series. This article focuses on these changes and on the difference between the index series based on 2010=100 and the index series based on 2015=100.