Prices of owner-occupied dwellings (excl. new constructions) by region


The published average prices show the prices paid by private buyers for residential property (excluding new constructions). These prices are explicitly NOT intended to refer to price developments in residential property. The latter are indicated in the CBS series ‘Price index of existing owner-occupied dwellings’ (PBK).

Commencement year of the survey


Target population

Existing owner-occupied dwellings purchased by private consumers in the Netherlands

Statistical unit

Existing owner-occupied dwelling



Publication strategy

The published indices are definite at once.

How is the survey conducted?

Type of survey

The data on which the average dwelling purchase prices are based are already available at Statistic Netherlands. Individual survey of data is therefore unnecessary. The average price is calculated by dividing the sum of the transaction prices by the number of residential property transactions. Outliers are not removed and no stratification or weighting is applied.


The Dutch Land Registry Office