Energy consumption in industry

What does the survey comprise?


Providing figures on energy consumption in the Netherlands, excluding the construction sector.

Target population

All industrial companies based in the Netherlands, excluding the construction sector.

Statistical unit

Business unit.

Date/year survey started



Quarterly, since 2011 annually.

Publication strategy

Figures will be published as part of the Energy balance sheet. Initially, the figures in this publication will be provisional and eventually definite.

How is the survey conducted

Type of survey

The figures are provided by industrial companies and based on a sample taken once a year. The observation is based on a sample of size classes 5, 6 and 7 plus integral observation of size classes 8 and 9. The energy balance sheet, in which these figures will be processed, is the integration framework of statistics on supply and consumption of energy.

Survey method

The survey is conducted by means of questionnaires, which can be completed online.


Industrial companies based in the Netherlands, excluding the construction sector.

Sample size

The sample comprises approximately 2,500 business units.

Checking and correction methods

The energy balance must be in balance. For each energy source, the supply of energy must be equal to the consumption of energy plus deliveries to third parties. The amounts completed are subject to a plausibility check by comparing the figures of previous years or by indicators for the sample cell to which the company belongs.


Weighting takes place within a sample cell, determined by the standard industrial classification (sic) and the size class. The multiplication factor is calculated on the basis of the number of persons employed of the response and the number of persons employed of the population.

Quality of the results


More than 90 percent of the participating companies provided useful questionnaires or information was obtained otherwise.

Sequential comparability

Figures can be compared since the survey was started in 1974. When the figures are published, the change in the classification of the various sectors, SIC93 and SIC2008 respectively, are taken into account.

Quality strategy

Initially, the figures are checked automatically and – if necessary – improved. Subsequently, in some situations, the figures will also be corrected manually. Aggregated figures are subject to a plausibility check. This is done by comparing the preceding year.