Research and Development (R&D)

R&D research is typically aimed at achieving authenticity as well as innovation. R&D is the creative, systematic and preplanned search for solutions to practical problems. Also included in R&D is the strategic and fundamental research which is primarily intended to gather background knowledge and expand (purely) scientific knowledge, rather than reaping direct economic benefits or solutions to problems. Furthermore included in R&D is the development of ideas or prototypes into workable processes and products that are ready for production.
Not included in R&D are:
- routine conducting of data collection, data analysis, measurements or checks;
- implementation or marginal upgrading of existing methods / models for market research, socio-demographic research questions and so on;
- education and training;
- activities related to patents and licences;
- making operational purchased technologies or advanced (production) equipment;
- the re-authoring of existing software applications and / or adding customer-specific enhancements of software already put on the market.