Standard International Trade Classification (SITC 2 - Division)

Classification according to the Standard International Trade Classification (SITC 2 - Division)

        00 Live animals other than animals of division 03.
        01 Meat and meat preparations.
        02 Dairy products and birds' eggs.
        03 Fish, crustaceans, molluscs, and preparations thereof.
        04 Cereals and cereal preparations.
        05 Vegetable and fruit.
        06 Sugars, sugar preparations and honey.
        07 Coffee, tea, cocoa, spices and manufactures thereof.
        08 Feeding stuff for animals (not including unmilled cereals).
        09 Miscellaneous edible products and preparations.
        11 Beverages.
        12 Tobacco and tobacco manufactures.
        21 Hides, skins and furskins, raw.
        22 Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits.
        23 Crude rubber (including synthetic and reclaimed).
        24 Cork and wood.
        25 Pulp and waste paper.
        26 Textile fibres (other than combed wool) and their wastes (not
           manufactured into yarn or fabric).
        27 Crude fertilizers, other than those of division 56, and crude minerals
          (excluding coal, petroleum and precious stones).
        28 Metalliferous ores and metal scrap.
        29 Crude animal and vegetable materials, n.e.s.
        32 Coal, coke and briquettes.
        33 Petroleum, petroleum products and related materials.
        34 Gas, natural and manufactured.
        35 Electric current.
        41 Animal oils and fats.
        42 Fixed vegetable fats and oils, crude, refined or fractionated.
        43 Animal or vegetable fats and oils, processed; waxes of animal or
           vegetable origin; inedible mixtures or prepartions of animal or vegetable
           fats or oils, n.e.s.
        51 Organic chemicals.
        52 Inorganic chemicals.
        53 Dyeing, tanning and colouring materials.
        54 Medicinal and pharmaceutical products.
        55 Essential oils and resinoids and perfume materials; toilet, polishing
           and cleansing preparations.
        56 Fertilizers (other than those of group 272).
        57 Plastics in primary forms.
        58 Plastics in non-primary forms.
        59 Chemical materials and products, n.e.s.
        61 Leather, leather manufactures , n.e.s., and dressed furskins.
        62 Rubber manufactures, n.e.s.
        63 Cork and wood manufactures (excluding furniture).
        64 Paper, paperboard, and articles of paper pulp, of paper or of
        65 Textile yarn, fabrics, made-up articles, n.e.s., and related products.
        66 Non-metallic mineral manufactures, n.e.s.
        67 Iron and steel.
        68 Non-ferrous metals.
        69 Manufactures of metals, n.e.s.
        71 Power generating machinery and equipment.
        72 Machinery specialized for particular industries.
        73 Metalworking machinery.
        74 General industrial machinery and equipment, n.e.s., and machineparts,
        75 Office machines and automatic data processing machines.
        76 Telecommunications and sound recording and reproducing apparatus and
        77 Electric machinery, n.e.s.
        78 Road vehicles (including air-cushion vehicles).
        79 Other transport equipment.
        81 Prefabricated buildings; sanitary, plumbing, heating and lighting
           fixtures and fittings, n.e.s.
        82 Furniture and parts thereof; bedding, mattresses, mattress supports,
           cushions and similar stuffed.
        83 Travel goods, handbags and similar containers.
        84 Articles of apparel and clothing accessories.
        85 Footwear.
        87 Professional, scientific and controlling instruments and apparatus,
        88 Photographic apparatus, equipment and supplies and optical goods,
           n.e.s.: watches and clocks.
        89 Miscellaneous manufactured articles, n.e.s.
        91 Postal packages not classified according to kind.
        93 Special transactions and commodities not classified according to kind.
        94 Complete industrial plants of chapter 99.
        96 Coin (other than gold coin), not being legal tender.
        97 Gold, non-monetary (excluding gold ores and concentrates).