Homicide (murder and manslaughter)

The figures in this news release refer to cases of murder and manslaughter that took place in the Netherlands. Victims include both residents as registered in the Key Register of Persons (BRP) at the time of death and non-residents (13 percent in 2022). These data are included in the statistic on non-natural causes of death.
The primary sources for the figures on murder and manslaughter are:
• data from cause-of-death forms completed by a forensic doctor;
• records at Public Prosecution Offices around the Netherlands.
No distinction can be drawn here between manslaughter (either voluntary or involuntary killing) and murder (killing with malice aforethought) since, at the time of consulting the court records, there has not (yet) been a court decision in most cases. This also means there is no distinction yet between suspects and offenders.