Number of Ukrainian refugees

CBS bases the number of resident Ukrainian refugees on the Personal Records Database (BRP), as at 1 November 2022. The figures include Ukrainian refugees who arrived in the Netherlands as of 24 February 2022 (start of the war in Ukraine) and were still registered in the BRP on 1 November. This population includes both persons with Ukrainian nationality and persons with non-Ukrainian nationality whose country of origin is Ukraine. As persons may have left the Netherlands without deregistering, there may be an overestimation of the number of residents and thus an underestimation of the percentage of persons in work.

The employee data have been taken from the so-called Polisadministratie (as at 31 October) of the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), which is based on all payroll tax returns filed with the Tax and Customs Administration. All Ukrainian refugees who are in paid employment in the Netherlands are included in this policy administration. The figures shown here are the result of linking the policy administration and the BRP. This way, the labour market position can be studied at personal level using characteristics from the BRP (e.g. sex and age).