Volunteer work

Volunteer activities among the Dutch population are measured based on the annually conducted CBS survey on social cohesion and well-being. In 2019, altogether 7,652 people in the Netherlands (15 years and over) participated, 924 of whom were in the age category 15 to 24 years. The respondents were asked whether they had engaged in any volunteer work for any of the thirteen types of organisations and associations listed below in the twelve months prior to the survey: (1) youth and community centres, (2) schools, e.g. school newspapers, (3) care or nursing, (4) sports associations, (5) cultural associations, (6) hobby or social associations, (7) church, mosque or religious associations, (8) trade unions or business organisations, (9) political party or action committee, (10) in the field of social assistance, (11) in the field of housing, housing conditions or the interests of tenants, (12) neighbourhood or local community centres, or (13) other types of organisations.