Weekly figures

What is the difference between weekly mortality figures published by CBS and by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)?

CBS receives mortality data on a daily basis from municipal registers. In general, some time elapses between the actual date of death and the moment when this data reaches CBS. Statistics Netherlands processes the certificates, and sends an aggregated database to RIVM.

What does CBS do with the weekly mortality figures?

Every Friday, CBS publishes an update of its weekly mortality figures on StatLine. CBS also publishes news releases during periods in which mortality is higher than average such as during heat waves and/or flu season. CBS uses calendar weeks, starting on Monday and ending on Sunday. This is also the most common type of calendar in society.
StatLine datasets only contain figures over those weeks which are 99 percent certain to be based on complete counts. This is typically 12 days after the end of each week. In exceptional cases, estimated death counts are released in publications containing the latest weekly figures, based on data that have been received up to that point.

What does RIVM do with the weekly mortality figures?

RIVM publishes weekly mortality figures as part of the mortality monitor. Since the 2009 influenza epidemic, RIVM keeps track of the weekly number of deaths using data from CBS. In addition, RIVM uses these data to conduct various analyses for research and monitoring purposes. The results of these analyses are published in scientific contributions and journals for academic experts.
Publication weeks at RIVM start on Thursdays and end on Wednesdays.

RIVM’s mortality monitor contains the figures over the period up to and including the previous publication week. The previous week usually contains 97 percent of the total count of death certificates.