Perceptions 2017

In the survey Perceptions 2017, respondents were asked how often they take the following environment-friendly actions:
• Unplug the charger as soon as the phone or tablet is fully charged.
• When feeling cold at home, pull on a warm sweater or get a blanket, rather than turning up the heating.
• Turn off the lights when nobody is in the room.
• Keep windows and doors closed when the heating is on in the room.
• Turn on the washing machine only when it is loaded to full capacity.
• Turn on the dishwasher only when it is loaded to full capacity.
The response categories were: 1. always, 2. frequently, 3. sometimes, 4. never, 5. not applicable.
In those instances where the response was ‘always’ or ‘frequently’, the respondents were asked about their motivation: 1. mainly to save costs, 2. mainly for the environment, 3. for other reasons.