€22.7 billion revenue from exports to the UK

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In 2017, trade with the United Kingdom generated 22.7 billion euros in the Netherlands. This is equivalent to 3.1 percent of Dutch GDP, versus 3.2 percent in 2015 and 2016. Some 218 thousand jobs were related to these exports. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this on the basis of research on the value added of exports, commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

The Netherlands’ highest export revenues are in trade with Germany, followed by the United Kingdom. When costs of imported raw materials, intermediate products, end products, semi-finished products and imports destined for re-exports are deducted from the export value, this results in 22.7 billion euros worth of export earnings. This is an increase of 1.0 billion euros compared to 2015 and 0.4 percent less than in 2016. Over 45 percent of export revenues are related to Dutch-manufactured goods, 42 percent are related to services; the remaining part concerns re-exports.

Estimated value added of exports to the United Kingdom
 2017 (billion euros)2016 (billion euros)2015 (billion euros)
Export of Dutch-
manufactured goods
Export of services9.4689.3748.981

Highest revenues in wholesale

In 2017, wholesale and commission trade benefited by far the most from exports to the United Kingdom (3.8 billion euros). Other sectors generating one billion euros or more were holdings and management consultancies, storage and transport services, temp agencies and employment services and agriculture.

Compared to 2015, the distribution over the various sectors of the value added of exports to the United Kingdom has changed. The value added in wholesale and commission trade was up 314 million, i.e. an increase of more than 9 percent. This was 18.9 percent for temp agencies and employment services, 8.8 percent for holdings and management consultancies and 10 percent for storage and transport services. The value added in the car and trailer sector rose by 58 percent. On the other hand, the value added in the export of petroleum and natural gas to the UK decreased by 33.6 percent.

Estimated value added of exports to the United Kingdom
 2017 (billion euros)2015 (billion euros)
Wholesale and commission trade3.7773.463
Holdings and management consultancies1.2531.152
Storage and transport services1.045.950
Temp agencies and employment services1.006.846
IT services.870.851
Road haulage.838.778
Food industry.825.795
Mining of natural gas and petroleum.8171.230
Chemical industry.696.662
Banking services.667.721
Legal services and administration.497.442

218 thousand jobs due to exports to the UK

In 2016, exports to the United Kingdom created over 218 thousand full-time jobs in total. These were taken up by 63 thousand women and 155 thousand men. Most of these jobs were in business services (62 thousand), mainly temp agencies and employment services (23 thousand) and holdings and management consultancies (12 thousand). Manufacturing industry, trade, and transport and storage follow at 41 thousand, 38 thousand and 25 thousand respectively.

Employment related to exports to the United Kingdom in 2016
 2016 (1,000 labour years)
Business services62
Transport and storage25