Number of bankruptcies remains stable

14/05/2018 15:00
Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports that the number of bankruptcies was the same in April 2018 as in the preceding month. In March the number rose by 34. Most bankruptcies in April were recorded in the trade sector.

Flat trend

The number of bankruptcies shows an irregular pattern with many ups and downs. Adjusted for court session days, the number of bankruptcies peaked in May 2013. This was followed by a downward trend, reaching its lowest level (since 2001) in August 2017. The trend has been more or less flat since then.

Most bankruptcies recorded in trade sector

If the number of court session days is not taken into account, 252 businesses and institutions (excluding one-man businesses) were declared bankrupt in April 2018. With a total of 50, the trade sector suffered most.

Trade is among the sectors with the highest number of businesses. In April, the number of bankruptcies was relatively highest in the sector hotels and restaurants.

The figures in this publication are provisional and can be adjusted.

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