The following categories of registered crime are distinguished:

Offences against property

  • theft/embezzlement and burglary
  • violent theft and burglary
  • theft and burglary not involving violence
  • fraud
  • forgery
  • handling of stolen goods
  • extortion and blackmail
  • other offences against property

Vandalism and offences against public order and authority

  • vandalising and damage
  • damage to cars
  • damage to public buildings
  • damage to means of public transport
  • other vandalising and damage
  • against public order
  • overt violence against persons
  • overt violence against goods 
  • house intrusion
  • computer intrusion
  • discrimination
  • other against public order
  • arson/explosion
  • against public authorities 
  • failing to comply with an official order
  • other offences against public authorities

Violent and sexual offences

  • assault
  • threats and stalking
  • threats
  • stalking
  • sexual offences
  • sexual assault
  • rape
  • violation of integrity
  • abuse of minor 
  • other sexual offences
  • crimes against life 
  • other violent offences

Other crimes in the Penal Code

Traffic violations

  • failure to remain at the scene of an accident
  • driving under influence
  • driving while disqualified/unauthorised driving
  • other road traffic offences 

Drug offences

  • hard drugs
  • soft drugs
  • other drug offences

Offences involving (fire)arms

Crimes under other legislation