More lorry journeys with cleaner engines

© Hollandse Hoogte
Dutch lorries operated 38 out of 100 journeys on Euro 6 engines in the first half of 2017, versus only one-quarter a year ago. For more than half of the journeys covering 300 kilometres or more, lorries were used that run on these environmentally friendly engines. This is evident from new figures released by Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Dutch lorry drivers made nearly 83 million journeys in 2016. Since the introduction of engines which meet the Euro 6 emission standard in 2013, the use of lorries running on these engines has increased by 2.2 percentage points on average in each consecutive quarter. In Q1 2013, less than 1 percent of all lorry journeys were made on a Euro 6 engine; this was already 38 percent in Q2 2017. Euro 6 engines emit 80 percent less nitrogen than Euro 5 engines and 97 percent less nitrogen than Euro 1 engines.

The longer the journey, the cleaner the engine

Lorries with engines in classes Euro 0-4 are used most frequently for short domestic trips. Nearly one in four trips with a distance of up to 25 km is made by a lorry with one of these environmental classifications. The longer the trip, the smaller the share of journeys in these environmental classes in favour of cleaner hauliers in the highest environmental categories Euro 5 and 6. For only 6 percent of the journeys exceeding 300 km, lorries are used with a Euro 0 to 4 engine, while half of these long journeys are made by a Euro 6 engine-operated lorry.

Lorry journeys by engine emission standard and by distance, first half of 2017
 Euro 0-4Euro 5Euro 6
0-10 km23.14927.8
11-25 km2345.231.8
26-50 km18.345.436.3
51-100 km13.745.740.7
101-300 km10.446.443.2
301-500 km6.244.249.6
>500 km5.241.353.5

Cleanest lorries most often used for international trips

International transport by Dutch lorries is for the most part to or from Germany and Belgium. Of all journeys by Dutch lorries to and from Germany and Belgium in the first half of 2017, over 45 percent were made by Euro 6 engine-operated lorries. This share was 10 percentage points lower among domestic trips.