Consumer confidence down

According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), Dutch consumers are less positive in May. The consumer confidence indicator fell by 3 points to 23. This is the first decline is almost a year. Dutch consumers’ opinions on the economic climate and their willingness to buy deteriorated.

With a score of +23 in May, however, the consumer confidence indicator is significantly above its long-term average over the past two decades (-3). The indicator reached an all-time high in January 2000 (+36) and an all-time low in March 2013 (-41).

Consumer confidence, seasonally adjusted
Consumer confidence, seasonally adjusted
2013 J-33
2013 J-35
2013 A-32
2013 S-31
2013 O-26
2013 N-16
2013 D-11
2014 J-6
2014 F-2
2014 M1
2014 A4
2014 M6
2014 J6
2014 J5
2014 A2
2014 S-2
2014 O1
2014 N-2
2014 D-4
2015 J-2
2015 F-1
2015 M7
2015 A10
2015 M11
2015 J14
2015 J13
2015 A13
2015 S11
2015 O12
2015 N14
2015 D13
2016 J11
2016 F6
2016 M2
2016 A6
2016 M7
2016 J11
2016 J9
2016 A9
2016 S12
2016 O17
2016 N21
2016 D21
2017 J21
2017 F22
2017 M24
2017 A26
2017 M23

Mood about economic climate and willingness to buy deteriorates

Consumer confidence in the economy has deteriorated in May relative to April. The component indicator Economic climate has fallen from +50 in April to +45 in May. Consumers are less positive about the economic situation in the past and next 12 months.

Consumers’ willingness to buy has also deteriorated in May. This component indicator of consumer confidence now stands at +8, down from +10 in April. Consumers are less positive about their personal financial situation and they think it is a less favourable time to buy expensive, durable items.

Consumer confidence May

As of April, a revised set of data on consumer confidence, economic climate and willingness to buy is available. This revised set will be based on new observation methods and will cover the period from April 1986 onwards.

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