Holidays to Paris at lowest level in 10 years

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In 2016, the number of holidays spent in Paris by Dutch tourists was at its lowest level in ten years. Paris retains its position as most popular foreign holiday capital, but London is catching up and already surpasses Paris in Dutch tourist spending. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this based on results from a new survey on the three most popular foreign capitals.
In holiday year 2016, Dutch tourists spent over 400 thousand holidays (including overnight stays) in the City of Light, a decline by 18 percent relative to 2006. The concept of a holiday is linked to a single person here; a family of three going on holiday counts as three holidays.

Berlin and London, on the other hand, have gained popularity among Dutch tourists compared to a decade ago: the number of holidays spent in these two cities rose by 5 and 47 percent respectively. In 2016, Dutch tourists booked approximately 347 thousand holidays in London and 224 thousand holidays in Berlin.
Holidays of Dutch tourists to Paris, London and Berlin

Dutch tourists spend more in London than in Paris

In terms of tourist spending, not Paris but London has been the top foreign capital destination since holiday year 2014. Dutch holidaymakers spend more in London than in Paris on average.

Last year, total tourist spending in London including stay amounted to 161 million euros, versus 129 million euros in Paris and 92 million euros in Berlin.

Both number of holidays and total amount spent in Paris slumped by 18 percent over the past ten years. In London and Berlin, holiday spending rose more rapidly than the number of holidays.
Holiday spending by Dutch tourists in Paris, London and Berlin

Overall tourist spending in France, the UK and Germany

London is a major destination for Dutch tourists travelling to the United Kingdom; the capital accounts for a 32 percent share in total holiday spending by Dutch tourists in the UK. The shares are lower in France and Germany: 10 percent go to Paris and 9 percent to Berlin.

If the number of holidays is taken into account instead of total spending, Paris and London take up much larger shares in the total number of holidays (16 and 41 percent respectively). This is partly due to the shorter duration of city trips compared to holidays outside the capital.

Over a period of ten years, the shares occupied by Berlin and Paris in Dutch holiday destinations have decreased marginally while London’s share has increased slightly.
Share capitals in total holiday spending by country of destination
London compared to UK30.432.5
Paris compared to France129.7
Berlin compared to Germany9.78.9