Netherlands in top five users of cloud-based services

12/07/2016 15:00
One third in the Dutch population reported to store files in the cloud in 2015, which puts the Netherlands in the EU top five of countries using cloud-based services. Statistic Netherlands (CBS) says that, in general, cloud users tend to be less concerned about internet security.

The cloud computing adoption rate in the Netherlands is relatively high. Cloud computing services provide online storage facilities through programmes like DropBox, Apple iCloud, GoogleDrive or Microsoft Skydrive. Last year, 36 percent of 16 to 74-year-olds said they occasionally used cloud computing services, as against 25 percent on average across the European Union. With over 40 percent, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Sweden have the highest cloud adoption rates. In many countries in Eastern and Southern Europe the rates are less than 20 percent.

Use of cloud computing services, 2015

More over-75s active in the cloud

Older people (beyond the age of 75) account for the lowest cloud adoption rate, but the percentage among older people has increased to 8 percent in 2015, up from 4 percent in 2014. On average, the rate is significantly higher among under-45s than among over-45s (45 and 23 percent respectively). Men and highly educated use cloud computing services more frequently than women and lower educated.

Use of cloud computing services

Cloud users less concerned about internet security

Cloud users appear to be less concerned about internet security than non-users (38 versus 53 percent).
The cloud is mainly used (by nearly nine in ten internet users) to store and share photographs. Additionally, many internet users store text files, spreadsheets and presentations online (58 percent).

Stored in the cloud, 2015