Tourism sector mainly grows through foreign tourists

The contribution of the tourism sector to Dutch GDP rose from 3.2 percent in 2010 to 3.6 percent in 2013 according to the latest figures released by Statistics Netherlands today. The tourism sector is mainly growing because more foreign tourists visit the Netherlands and because there are more foreign bookings with Dutch companies.

Spending volume

Spending volume, 2010-2013

More foreign tourists

The amount that tourists spent in the Dutch economy has risen by more that 9 percent in the last 3 years, reaching 65 billion euros in 2013. The main cause is the 6 percent prise rise during this period. Furthermore, the number of foreign tourists increased, as did the number of foreign bookings with Dutch companies, such as online flight and hotel bookings. In 2013 the Netherlands welcomed 12.8 million foreign tourists in hotels and the like, 5 percent more than in 2012. Dutch tourists spend reluctantly within the Netherlands. This is in line with total household consumption, which has only been stabilising during the last three months after a long downward period.

Contribution to GDP and employment

Contribution to GDP and employment

Hotels and restaurants create much employment in the tourism sector

Many people working in the tourism sector have part-time jobs. Converted into full-time jobs, the sector accounts for 357 thousand FTE in 2013. This is 20 thousand more than in 2010. Hotels and restaurants etc. create most employment within the tourism sector. Other goods and services, such a transport over land and retail, make up a quarter of employment in the tourism sector. Activities in the art and culture sector, sports, recreation and gambling contribute about 22 percent to employment in tourism. Aviation and travel agencies/mediators contribute another 6 percent. Travel agencies in the Netherlands benefit from the rise in online booking, whereas the traditional travel agencies perform less well, economically. 

Labour volume (in FTE) of the tourism sector per activity, 2013

Labour volume (in FTE) of the tourism sector per activity, 2013, 2013